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Melanie - Brand New Key
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Brand New Key - Melanie from Gather Me


brand new key // melanie

i rode my bicycle past your window last night
i roller skated to your door at daylight
it almost seems like you’re avoiding me
i’m okay alone but you got something i need

More jealously.

Never have I been so jealous…………..

Each and every single person that I’m friends with has impacted my life uniquely and I love all of then equally. They have been the ones to stick by me during all my turmoil. The thought of not having them by my side on top of my parents not being near, scares the living fuck out me. I need my friends more than they need me and I hope they all know that.

They’re my real family and the transition might not be so bad, but what if it is?

College is probably going to turn my world upside down at many times, but I’ve been strong enough to persevere through any obstacle handed to me. This shouldn’t be any different.

Sincerely, unprepared.